Revenue Policy

Our Advertising Policies provide guidance on what types of advert content are allowed.

What we consider

During the advert review process, we’ll check your advert’s images, text, targeting and positioning. Your advert may not be approved if you violates our policies.

We make our money through online advertising –which makes this site free for you to use. We’re not trying to pull a fast one or rip you off, but we do need to pay all of the talented people who work on this site, so we’ve adopted an advertising policy below.

1.We will not sell your personal details onto a third party –advertisers on our site may have access to your behavior via cookies, but not your data.

2.We place ads based on where they perform best –if a page happens to sell lots of computer games, we will advertise more computer games on that page. That’s reasonable right?

3.We will not use behavioral targeting unreasonably.

4.We request that you don’t use ad blockers –contrary to popular belief we do sometimes get paid for you just seeing advertising without you clicking or buying anything. If you like our Jan Man India, please don’t block our ads.

5.If you have a complaint about an ad for any reason, please get in touch with us and let us know and we will do what we can about it.

6.We do not allow ads which make you download anything (especially viruses!), or which break the site in anyway. If you see an ad which does this, please let us know and we will hunt it down and switch it off as soon as possible*

Prohibitedcontent for Advertising on JMI Portal

  1. Community Standards
  2. Illegal products or services
  3. Discriminatory practices
  4. Tobacco products
  5. Drugs and drug-related products
  6. Unsafe supplements
  7. Weapons, ammunition or explosives
  8. Adult products or services
  9. Adult content
  10. Third-party infringement
  11. Sensational content
  12. Personal attributes
  13. Misleading or false content
  14. Controversial content
  15. Non-functional landing page
  16. Surveillance equipment
  17. Grammar and profanity
  18. Non-existent functionality
  19. Personal health
  20. Payday loans, cash advances and bail bonds
  21. Multi-level marketing
  22. Penny auctions
  23. Counterfeit documents
  24. Low-quality or disruptive content
  25. Spyware or malware
  26. Automatic animation
  27. Unauthorized streaming devices
  28. Circumventing systems
  29. Prohibited Financial Products and Services